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History (......not)

Ventilate me with a handgun

26 November 1988
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How to sound interesting..
I'm a Drawing and Painting student at OCAD, and a salon assistant.
I like doing just about everything, from sewing costumes to sports. I'm interested in ancient history from egypt, to mongolia to Japan.
My major fascination would be the Shinsengumi and Samurai. I also like anime and manga, though leaning towards the darker side, or completely crack ones. Yaoi is a yes, but only with Biseinen or men that actually look like men.

Cosplay? Yes, usually boys. My cosplay.com name is Chobrat
BJD? Yes, three. Takeo, yamato and Dante. My den of angels name is Cho
Babies? Why think you, I'd love me a tender-loin baby. Mmmmm.
Role-playing? yes, you can contact me under: kingdoms heart
Relationship? No thankyou, I can barely handle myself.
Friends? I love making friends.