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I made a ginormous Katsucon/pokemon post, so go over and check it out you lazy butts!


I'm switching journal names over to choby

I've had this journal forever, it's seriously full of junk and I'm too lazy to try and sort through it and a few people on here I can't remember- So I think it's easier that anyone who wants to keep up with me, add me on choby.

And if for some reason you don't know who I am/can't remember/have a hard time putting names to faces.

http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/m786/ Chobrat on Cosplay.com
Cho on DoA ( Never go there anymore )
Elk in many other places


WIN: I finally got my braces off, woo!

Going to Ceri's this weekend to finish Katsucon costumes!
Wish us luck <3


In recent news: I AM SICK. JOY.
I'm heading to the walk-in today though, so hopefully that will bite it in the ass before it becomes more than a sore throat and congestion.

Katsucon is coming, and I'm working my butt off! I will have everything done before Katsu, EVEN IF IT REQUIRES THE SACRIFICING OF VIRGINS! -SHAKES FIST- I made good progress last night, and that will continue today along with homework.
I'm switching my major to Material Arts and design, and the decision has made me feel a lot more content in my future then I was feeling before. My Material arts class is the only one I look forward to (Even though I missed it this morning due to WTF SORE THROAT AND FEVER) I can't wait to start my next project.


a. list seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself
b. tag seven people to do the same
c. do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it"

1. As soon as I get home from going out I change immediately into comfy pajamas. Sometimes when people are over, I wear actual clothes- But as soon as they leave I break out the pajamas again.

2. There is nothing I love doing more than researching things. I can research the same subjects for days and days and days and not get bored or feel like I have enough information. By the time I know everything I want to know, I can answer pretty much any question on it. Even if I've never actually done it myself. <--Loser

3. When I was younger I used to be very quiet. I KNOW, SOUNDS IMPOSSIBLE, BUT IT'S TRUE.

4. I hate cold food. I will eat it only on occasion, and usually end up heating it in the microwave.

5. I don't like young, pretty boys. I'm most attracted to older, beefy, muscular guys with a rough attitude and some scruff. I.E KYLE HYDE.


7. I want to go to Thailand and live with elephants.


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Jumping on the bandwagon and posting most of my plans/Cons for the year of 08!
I put reference images for the ones I'm pretty sure of, so everyone can see the pretty pretty pictures~

Cons- Katsucon, MTAC (Lol), Anime North, Otakon, CNFanexpo, Youmacon.

On to the costumes!
I love how a good portion of them are so freaking amazingly 80's/90's.
These are just the ones I'm pretty damn sure of, if I went into my list of all the shit I'd LIKE to do.. yeah. Way too much.

I love how this LOOKS ambitious, but two of them are already done and just need finishing touches/need to be worn. And some of the other ones..I've been collecting crap for them/doing little things since 2003. I take way too long to get to the stuff I REALLY want to do.

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas was nice and quiet and casual.
Got a few joke gifts under the tree, and one serious one- Nice straightener/curler. Dad and grandparents are taking me shopping for my actual christmas present, so I'm planning on expanding my wardrobe and buying a new purse, boots etc.
Also on list to buy: HUEG ROLLERS, some gay gay pink pearly jewlery with adorable charms, I want to find a scarf that I can applique a poodle onto. With rhinstones. OH MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI.
I need to find some clothes that FIT me, everything is too big or too small right now. I have a huge closet at home that is full to the brim, and I don't wear 90% of it because it's not a good fit anymore. Or out of style.

I'm going to be ptting aside all of my nice stuff thats too small or big to give to friends! Tommy, Ralph Lauren, random Japanese brands, whatever it is. The pants I have range from size 4 to 12 rofl, so I have a pretty wide variety of sizes.

No longer going to Ohayocon due to a hike in Greyhound prices, and the fact I would rather buy some stuff to organize our apartment and get me on the right track for the next semester of school.
I want to get down to 130 or maybe even 125 before AN : O

(Btw Meme people I have not forgotten about you, I'm making the questions tonight :3)
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Been in Vancouver since thursday, and so far it's been great!
Nice and warm (About 2* C), just a bit of snow-mostly rain.
So fasr it's been mainly just me and my dad, and already I'm running around painting the house and wrapping all the presents! I decorated the christmas tree and have watched way too much golf channel with him while wrapping stuff.

Christmas with my family is a very casual thing- No one over the age of 20 really gets presents, they mainly buy for kids or just your S.O. Makes it cheap and easy, and usually my family just takes me shopping for my stuff.
The one thing I look forward to every year is the Vancouver Polar Bear Swim. It's basically when you run into the ocean on New Years morning and splash around and freeze your ass off and have fun for as long as you can handle it. Every year I'm here I do it, as my insane way of welcoming the new year.

I've decided next year I want to immerse myself in Hime Gyaru style because right now I have the PERFECT hair for it (Though Christine you need to make it epic likes yours, yours is more than perfect) and I love the casual Gyaru style. I'd love to dress more girly and its my incentive to lose weight and stop eating out as much. Not eating out = more money to get my nails done and buy clothes.

I miss you puppy ;-;


1. Leave me a casual comment of no particular significance, like a lyric to your current favorite song, your favorite kind of sandwich, or maybe your favorite game. Any remark, meaningless or not.
2. I will respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in your own post.
5. When others respond with a desultory comment, you will ask them five questions.

Infini asked me:
1. What's your favorite manga series?
Gantz or RG Veda
2. What was the first character you cosplayed?
Haku from Spirited away, unless you count uber ghetto never worn anywhere cosplay. Then it was Tifa Lockhart at age 12. -le cry-
3. Which pairing (in manga/anime/videogames, any of those) do you hate more than anything? xD *running out of good questions*
Any pairing where the parental figure is slashed with the child figure, even if they aren't blood related. I.e Kurogane and Syaoran, or Sakura and Fai. Just creeps me out. The only exception is Ashura and Yasha, but that's a whole other story.
4. Has anything really really really weird/out-of-the-ordinary happened in your life?
4. Tons of stuff. I attract weird people and events. From mugging to being stung by a jellyfish to falling from a cliff to watching crackwhores fight in Goodwill. Or maybe I'm just retarded?
5. If you could live in a different country, which would it be?
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Addiction to water.

In the past two weeks I have become bath crazy.
I still take showers for actual cleaning, but I'm at the point now where I get so cold and tense I like to have two baths a day. One when I get up, and then one before I go to bed.
I used to HATE baths, and before this would take maybe one every few months at most.
It could be that I'm sick right now so I like the extra warmth and the heat makes my chest feel less tight.

Today I had a bath with a sakura petal bathmix my ex-boyfriend brought me back from a shrine in Japan. I had thought they were tea before (THE PACKAGE LOOKS LIKE A BIG TEA PACKAGE) and tried to drink some. It did not taste good, but in bath form is quite excellent :D
Very nice smell, very pretty to have the flowers floating around and you only need to use a little bit. I have enough for four more baths or so! Win! I smell like blossoms~

I'm still losing the fight against this cold and it's making it annoyingly hard to sleep well because I can't breathe out of my nose, but I keep coughing so my throat is raw and it makes breathing out of my mouth hurt.
WHINE WHINE WHINE. I hope it goes away soon because it succccks.

Also, I was finally beaten down into joining Facebook, I AM WEAAAAAK.
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The past week of retarded stress and lack of sleep has caught up to me, I'm fullblown sick.
The kind of sick where it sucks to sleep because you're so goddamn uncomfortable, but it sucks to say awake because you feel miserable. AND YOU'RE STUCK SOMEWHERE INBETWEEN BECAUSE YOUR NOSE AND THROAT HAVE TURNED AGAINST YOU.

School is officially over for me! I handed in my last stuff for my drawing course yesterday and surprise surprise, my teacher told me I had definitely passed! Probably not a big thing to most of the smarties on my LJ, but I completely suck hardcore at school. Even GOING to school is big for me, never mind actually getting my ass to do work.
My drawing course was a full credit, so thats one more credit towards getting the hell out of OCAD! Yay!
I actually didn't mind it once we got to the nude models, the abstract drawing segment made me want to claw my eyes out.

Despite the fact I had to rush the hell out of this exercise to get it in (Finishing maybe 20 minutes before I had to run to hand everything in), I think my black-plague nameless Da Vinci girlfriend and I look like a beautiful couple! I'm not going to let her disease stop our love!

After months of being dicked around and not having the proper ID I can finally go and pick it up. 1300$ I could of used a LONG time ago, however- It's nice to have an influx of cash before xmas so I can actually get people presents.
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